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Organising a corporate event, welcome dinner, congress, private event, farewell dinner or even a wedding?

Here we are for you.

By organizing such events from 2006, we are sure we can make a memorable one for you or your clients.

We supply a full range of services tailored to the production of  events.

Every event is a unique puzzle, consisting of many different parts.

All pieced together to form an unforgettable experience! 



Unique & Exclusive events with Traditional touch

Slovenia is a small but very diverse country. And still the only one in the world with the word LOVE in the name.

And such as that we can honestly say it is a land of special experiences. We have the mountains, sea, lakes, rivers, caves, salt lake and more…All in a reach of maximum 2 hours. So in a day you can experience amazing diversity. And we are very proud of our cultural tradition and we decide to help keep the culture alive with a help of our special Slovenia Culture Events.

And since music and dancing is our most favourite thing you will make us very happy if you dance with us our famous “polka”.



Passion for travel, culture, music, dance, LOVE for our country S(LOVE)nia and our local traditions brought us here today.

Our company Židana Marela, meaning “the jolly umbrella” became a creative travel agency dedicated to responsible tourism, authentic experiences with locals and BE COOL visitors “this means responsible tourist”  who wish to also leave a mark and make a difference in our past and future.


Our mission

is to create bridge between tourism and our country values, traditions and people.

We do more than organise events and congresses. WE support over 100 different associations across Slovenia. Children, adults and veteran performers – dancers, singers, musicians,…LIVE CULTURE with people represent our country.

Tourism is more than visits to museum, castles and churches. It is the people who bring our culture to life!


Family Members



or “Tomas” with his myriad of ideas & love of music. You know how some people are born to connect? This is a skill you are born with! And Tomas received this in his cradle.

Loves: people, to travel, listen, dance and mix all together in a perfect harmony.



or “Mike” ’s expertise in business and public relations. A father figure for all of us and a protector of our data and our passwords in this hectic information world. We would be lost without you! Always feisty but the best person to lean on when needed.

Loves: to experience and to go where no one went before:) In his own way.



or “Dragon” A mother, friend and lover at the same time. A true Balkan girl with family roots from different Balkan countries and born Slovenian with a big love for Slovenian culture and the people. Oh yes and when all call her “Dragon” the funny thing is that her name actually means “A dear person”.

Loves: Always a sincere and open conversation, to dance sing with friends, loves to give people hugs and kisses



When she came to us from Croatia to marry our Slovenian guy it was like an angel joined our family. Immediately she got in charged in all and made our life organized. Kind, gentle and with big LOVE for life! You are safe in her hands.

Loves: Dogs a lot:) Always hiking and visiting various hills with her partner and a true nature lover. A visit to her family in Zagreb is a must!



Our friend and world traveller with endless experience in guiding, organizing trips and promoting her home country Slovenia and other countries where she likes to travel.
Among her passions is also researching family roots and organizing ancestry tours. Such a tailored travel can be organised only by truly devoted professional. She turned her hobby into business with a personal touch. She is also deeply interested in all aspects of culture and keen to include them into a travel experience to Slovenia.

Loves: coffee with friends and family, planning vacation for my family and guests



With his passion for photography. Luka Esenko is an award winning landscape and travel photographer based in Slovenia. Our friend and co owner of our company.

Loves: photography, nature, guiding and teaching people all about photography and the beauty inside the nature.



an American with an insatiable taste and curiosity for the gastronomy, people and life in Slovenia. He was our biggest inspiration, as he showed us our country through his eyes. We LOVED it!



our IT professional and dear friend. Always teaching us about all new technology. We can not keep up with him so we leave him all the hard work.

Loves: Good food, beer and company

Now is the time. For a healthy and safe vacation in Slovenia

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