We organized over 300 events in 2019!

Each of them was a unique puzzle, consisting of many different parts.
You can create your own unique event from the list below.


Folclore Costumes Fashion show

Did you know we have 300 different traditional costumes in Slovenia? We can organise a real folklore cat walk show with the presentation of the most colourful costumes from all over Slovenia.

Polka Academy

Lear how to dance polka! We will find you the best polka dances/teachers all over Slovenia. Suitable for groups from 2-200 persons. Top product as a part of traditional event of team buildings.

Costume rental

Would you like to look as a Slovenian for a day or at least for a while? Our koreographer will dress you up in a real slovenian traditional costumes so you can make the best photo/surprise/postcard. Contact us for costume rental!


Planning an event and you are tired of repetitive gifts and you you are searching for something unique? Tell us your vision and we will make it happen. Unique homemade gifts is something we are proud of.

City tour surprise

Bored of regular city tours? While exploring Slovenia, we can surprise your guests with various performances. From folklore surprise, accordion show, choir...

Local workshops

Get to know our country through various workshops. Learn how to make delicious slovenian bread or Potica, fermentation workshops, make your own Idrija lace, spend the day with the queen bee, try how good you are by making ceramics,... Sky is the limit!

Welcome Surprise

Greet your guests in a way they will never forget! We will organise a folklore welcome at the airport, train station, hotel reception or at the beginning of any event of your choice.

Battle of Accordions

Can you imagine more than 10 accordions playing at the same time? We went up to 29, imagine this! Let them play for you at any location in Slovenia.

Traditional Slovenian Cooking Class

Presentation of local food by involving visitors. Try to pronounce this: “Idrijski žlikrofi”, “Pehtranova potica”, “Domači piščanec” - we know it is difficult, but it is much easier to prepare it with our professional chefs.

Taste Slovenia

We have an expression in Slovenia “The way to a man's heart is through his stomach”. Taste local cuisine, local craft beers, best Slovenian wines,...Contact us to help you with all you need!.

Coordinator / Host

Are you organizing an event and looking for professional host and want to make sure everything goes smoothly? We work with the best, contact us!


There is no real event without great musicians! We have the best, from DJ, accordion, tambourine and zither players, orchestras, various bands (pop, rock, ethno/traditional, cover bands) to choirs. Our national ensembles will delight your guests.

Art Performance

From traditional dancers to modern ballerinas. Choose one or even combine both! Let your event be something special.

Photo / Video

Make your event memorable. We will set up a photo booth on any location of your choice and combine with traditional costume accessorize or just simply hire a photographer/videographer for an album of your dreams.


Need a transfer from accommodation to event or event from the airport to the hotel? As we deal with so many events, excellent coaches are our priority so let us take care of it.


Passion for travel, culture, music, dance, LOVE for our country S(LOVE)nia and our local traditions brought us here today.

Our company Židana Marela, meaning “the jolly umbrella” became a creative travel agency dedicated to responsible tourism, authentic experiences with locals and BE COOL visitors “this means responsible tourist”  who wish to also leave a mark and make a difference in our past and future.

Our mission

is to create bridge between tourism and our country values, traditions and people.

We do more than organise events and congresses. WE support over 100 different associations across Slovenia. Children, adults and veteran performers – dancers, singers, musicians,…LIVE CULTURE with people represent our country.


Tourism is more than visits to museum, castles and churches. It is the people who bring our culture to life!